28 Apr 2011

London Parties on Solar Power!

When recently visiting London a friend took me to a party on a canal in East London. It seemed like any other party that would occur in one of the major cities of the world; good music, friendly people, sun and a floating raft, all the basic ingredients for a nice London afternoon. However, there was one major difference with this party, IT WAS POWERED BY THE SUN! Sure enough after the acoustic artists had played their sets and as the sun went down everything just kept on rolling but it was all powered by batteries that had been charged with the suns energy.

The proceeds of the party also raised money for Solar Aid. It was organised by a group called Finding Infinity, whose aim as their website suggests is to create a revolution to transform the world into being run entirely on renewable resources. When speaking to the organisers of the party their message was fairly clear; "It's about showing people that it's possible! Having parties is just a fun way of getting people involved." Finding Infinity plan to do another event soon, but according to their blog next time the party will be simultaneously held in Mexico, London and Melbourne.

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