1 Apr 2011

Small Scale Energy Production Is Possible

The Swedish newspaper Göteborgs Posten feature an article on the 11/03/24 entitled "Hon gör egen el + och säljer" (She makes her own electricity and sells it). Laila Nilsson, 72, has become the first private person in Gothenburg to produce and sell energy to the major Gothenburg energy companies. She first installed solar panels to compliment the energy produced by her geothermal heat pump, she now has 30 solar panels on her property and produces a surplus of energy that she is able to sell back to the main energy network.

Göteborg Energi's Nils Hammar commented in the article that they welcome and encourage others to follow Nilsson's example. Small scale energy production is said to be not that common in Sweden due to the inhibiting costs involved and the relatively low cost of energy from the grid. In Germany, by comparison, small scale energy production is apparently more common due to the fact that it is subsidised and supported by the government. Nilsson invested 34,000 EUR (48,000 USD) in her solar panels, money she saved over the last 16 years by using her heat pump.

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