24 Apr 2009


Political parties of Gothenburg are currently discussing the proposal to restate the actual roof ordinance. Both the opposition and majority parties could imagine to allow green roofs like in Germany covered with grass, sedum and other plants. Even cultivation could be possible.

top view of Linnéastan, Gothenburg

At the moment the situation in Gothenburg doesn't allow bigger roof terraces that are visible from streets and surrounding buildings. All in all the view of the city with its present tiled or copper roofs should be preserved so that lots of requests for creating a vivid space on top of many building need to be rejected by the municipality.

But if the thoughts for extended roof usage will turn into reality, Gotheburg takes a step closer to becoming a sustainable city not only vitalizing the roofs of the city but also providing space for urban farming and additional greenery for a better city climate.

To read more about possible improvements of rooftops proposed by KKA follow the link.


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