2 Feb 2009


Take a look at Gothenburg from above. Like most western cities it is pretty grey. Roofs, streets and squares are all covered with inorganic materials.

Just the rooftops constitutes one third of the city.

What if this area could be used better?

On the flat roofs and in parks crops could be grown. On southfacing roofs solar panels could be mounted. Small windmills could produce electricity. More apartments could be built on some roofs.

A network of sustainable highways could connect the city. They would work as personal rapid transit systems and shelter cycling highways. The sustainable highways could even collect energy and water.

1 comment:

  1. Great work!

    Decentralised food, power, water generation and waste treatment is key in the whole sustainability effort.

    Using transit corrdor for power generation and reervoir for rainwater harvesting is interesting.

    Using roof alone for farming may not be sufficient. I suspect we need to develop multi-level farming or urban farm to meet the needs of the local resident. Intensive aerophonic or hydroponic farming would have to be brought into the main stream to help realise the vision of urban farming.

    Water neds requiring better definition and less wastage. Using potable for all and sundry water needs is no longer sustainble.

    Keep up the good works