6 Sept 2010

Jönköping By Bike

The municipality of Jönköping has presented 3 strategies for the future development of the city until 2050. Jönköping is planned to be one of the main train stations along the new speed train track, “Götalandsbanan”. Moreover it will be connected to the Europe tracks and all this gives Jönköping a unique position. Trains with the speed of 300 km/h decreases the distances and creates commuting possibilities between Jönköping and cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

We Are You and Super Sustainable have presented a 4th strategy for the future of Jönköping, a strategy where the focus of interest is located inside an area defined south of Munksjön.

Instead of doing as in the strategies from the municipality and extend the city outwards should the leading principle be to densify and expand the city as close as possible to the existing city centre.

Guiding points in the urban planning have been to create:
- Small neighbourhoods with identity
- Main paths with different characteristics
- A mixed program
- Variation in spatial experiences
- Possibilites for healthy and environmentally friendly living
- An average density of at least 70 dw/ha.

and of course...
- A town where everybody use a bike!

See the whole project at www.weareyou.se .

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