11 Jun 2010


EnergyFlexHouse is a Danish high-tech laboratory where innovative energy solutions for the building industry can be developed, tested and demonstrated. It focuses on the interaction between consumption and the energy system, as well as an optimized use of renewable energy by having a test-family living in the house.

EnergyFlexHouse is equipped with extensive measuring equipment for the documentation of indoor climate and energy.

Follow the energy consumption of the test-family living in EnergyFlexHouse by clicking on the link below. The dashboard shows live data from the building's energy consumption. It will be updated every 12 minutes.

For more information visit http://www.dti.dk/inspiration/25348 or download the EnergyFlexHouse brochure: http://www.dti.dk/_root/media/36141_EFH%20publikation%20final%20low.pdf

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