18 Dec 2009


In 1997 the people of the Samsö island, Denmark, decided to stop using energy from oil and coal-powered electricity. After twelve years they have reached their goals; to cut the CO2 footprint by 140% and to be entirely energy self-sufficient, becoming the first sustainable energy community in the world.

One of 11 onshore wind turbines on the Samsö island

The 4200 inhabitants on the island have used to produce 45,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, but taking advantage of the wind that blows almost permanently in their island no more CO2 is emitted. Investors, companies and citizens bought 21 wind turbines that could not only generate the energy for residents but also create more energy than needed so the citizens now earns a profit selling the left over energy to the main land and are thus creating a negative CO2 footprint. The wind turbines are not the only renewable energy system on the island. When the wind doesn´t blow woodchip and straw-fired heating plants and a solar panel plant provides sufficient power supply.

The locations of the different enviromental friendly plants

of Samsö (Der spiegel)

The houses are well insulated and usually have solar panels on the roofs to get hot water for the heating system and domestic needs.Farm tractors work with canola oil, while traditional fossil-fuel plants have been closed and dismantled, the next step is to replace cars with elettric ones.

Samsö people demonstrate that is possible to live in enviromental friendly way without compromising the quality of life.Denmark produces 21% of all electrical power by wind at the moment and wants to follow the leading example of Samsö island.


Municipality of Samsö web site

Samsö Energy Akademy

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