2 Feb 2009


The current ecological footprint of Gothenburg is 2.5 Million globalhectare or the size of Västra Götaland. If all citizens in the world used as much resources we would need 3 globes to survive.

Now, imagine Gothenburg had an ecological footprint of its own size.

We would have to make drastic changes in many fields, such as transportation, energy, food and waste.

But did you know that as late as one century ago the city of Paris produced more food than it needed, the surplus was exported to London.


  1. Great initiative, keep up the good work!

    Johannes / YimbyGBG

  2. Love your work!

  3. Have you considered road pricing in your sustainable city plan?

  4. Hopefully a greatly extended public transport system such as the super sustainable highways will make most private cars superfluous. The remaining cars would be powered by renewable energy resources, in this case road pricing wouldn't be needed.

  5. This is an exciting project. I visited the opening yesterday at the Stadmuseum and was impressed with many of the creative ideas. One thought that should find a stronger voice in the project is the consideration of the human relationship with nature--and beyond the heavily engineered green spaces. Göteborg has incredible green space access--expansive parks and trails. Thus, as a more densely populated city is envisioned, emphasizing this green access will be so important from health, education and environmental awareness perspectives.